Mt Gox The $50 Billion Dollar Hack Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping with code FUEL20 at #manscapedpartner Market Fuel: The World's Most Expensive Hack – Mt. Gox Please Note: The Price of bitcoin used in the video for the calculations was based on the price of bitcoin at the time of recording in November 2021 – 1BTC = $62,000 Mt. Gox Was a cryptocurrency exchange in the early days of crypto currency. It was at a point responsible for over 70% of all of bitcoins daily trading volume. However, a series of hacks would leave the company in shambles, and users with their bitcoins missing. This has been an ongoing investigation since 2014, however due to Bitcoin’s more recent price increase large amounts of pressure have been put on tracking down the missing money. Join as a member to help support the channel and get perks! Join the community discord: Subscribe here: All music from Epidemic Sound 0:00 Intro 1:01 The Early Days Of Mt. Gox 2:25 The Mt. Gox Hack 5:39 Paid Promotion 6:38 How Was The Bitcoin Stolen? 9:01 Who Pulled Off The Heist? 10:30 The outcome of the hack

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